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Custom Online Training For Every Organization

Custom training has been recognized as a strategic advantage by companies in almost every industry. E-learning authoring tools are used to create exactly what is needed. Canned training courses - where "one size fits all" - are not optimum choices.  We can deliver targeted online training with tracking, testing, and full analytical reporting, for your project.

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Custom Online Courses

There is no need to settle for generic off-the-shelf online training. We can create courses to match your workflow, policies, and procedures, and provide your online training in a cost-effective manner.

Engaging Course Content

Knowledge transfer is assured by the use of multimedia learning contant, optional audio narrations, interactive learner exercises, and timely and accurate automated assessments. Progess is measurable and tracked.

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Custom Course Development

Our cross-functional team has developed hundreds of e-learning courses in a wide range of general and custom topics. Our customers have put to work thousands of hours of robust, multimedia-based e-learning courses that were designed, built and delivered by our experts.

We offer full-service course design and development, including instructional design, media acquisition and conversion (images, audio, graphics, etc.), programming, testing and more.

The FlexTraining training platform synchronizes your new and existing content or third party content with our delivery system so you have an economical, efficient and complete online training solution.

Our team of e-learning experts can design and assemble your online training curriculum and help you launch a successful e-learning initiative. All you need is an idea - we'll handle the rest.


Focus on Your Mission

You stayed focused on growing your business or accomplishing your critical mission. at the same time, you are able to accelerate and grow your training schedule. We'll handle your course development and content conversion.

Let our experienced instructional designers create your online courses for you. We can convert your PowerPoint, HTML, Word, Flash or video material, or even start from scratch. Our design team will enhance the look and feel of your training environment with personalized, custom branding using your company logos, images and fonts.

FlexTraining synchronizes your new, existing or third party content with our delivery system so you have an economical, efficient and complete online training solution.


A Common Sense Development Process

The greatest challenge in implementing a successful online training project is in creating professional-grade learning content and building engaging, dynamic courses. We utiize a proven winning strategy and step-by-step procedures that will work for your specific environment.

Coursebuilding services allow you a great deal of flexibility in choosing file formats, developing online lessons, and organizing your ideas. These guidelines will help you make the right choices concerning developing learning material, and will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your courses and stay within the boundaries of your skills and resources.


We Start With a Plan

Aside from clean learning content and automated delivery and tracking, we deploy quizzes and online tests to insure that learning is taking place, and that your online learners retain the knowledge they acquire.

Planning your online training means identifying a learning path for each learner or group of learners. We provide the integrated system you may optionally use to set and track progress against training completion goals. You'll be able to monitor the constant progess achieved by your online students using your custom-built courses.


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